Scripture Tuesday: Proverbs 17:1

So for today’s Scripture Tuesday, I decided to do a verse which was in my daily Bible reading, Proverbs 17:1. It says, “Better is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.”

This verse always has meant a lot to me. It doesn’t matter how rich a person is– riches don’t make a person happy. Someone can be the richest person in the world and have a household full of strife, and be unhappy, where someone who might not have everything their heart desires, but who has Christ, might live in peace, thanks to the love of God!

Without God, it is literally impossible to have true peace. But Jesus, the Prince of Peace, said that He was giving us His peace– not as the world gives it, so we are not to be troubled or afraid. Isn’t that great? We as Christians have a right to God’s peace which He has given to us through His Son Jesus!

He has also said we can do all things through Him, including watching what we say, so that we don’t stir up strife! Thank God for His loving kindness and tender mercies in giving us such promises! ~C.G

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