Character Introduction: Nick Grimsby

Hey everyone! For this week’s post, I decided to shake things up and do something different and fun! As some of you may know, I’m a writer, and today I want to introduce one of my favorite characters, the indomitable Nick Grimsby! I’ll be doing a brief background on him, as well as including a couple of small “memes” I’ve written with him (as he is one of my quirkiest characters). Stay tuned for a Nick-themed announcement at the end! If you like this post and want me to continue to do more like them, please let me know in the comments below!


So, first of all, I’ll tell a little bit about how Nick came to be. As one of my very first characters, he came when I was just starting high school. I was writing a literary sort of series of books, and I was trying my hand at writing a historical fiction based on World War One (which I’ve since known is totally… not historical). Anyways, the main character was a soldier, and the moment he landed with his unit in Europe, a grime-covered, sassy little street urchin stole his wallet… and thus Nick was born.

Nick’s own backstory is pretty interesting. He was born in Russia as an illegitimate child along with his twin sister, Susan. His mother, who already had a legitimate son, Aleksandr, but no daughters, kept Susan, but abandoned him as an infant on the streets. He was then discovered by two street boys, one of whom raised him and Nick’s best friend, Oliver, until both boys were five. While on the streets, even at that young of an age, they were taught how to steal, shoot and survive.

When he was five, the government found them, killing the street boy who had raised them (because he had become a wanted gangster). They were thrown from orphanage to orphanage, often living out on the streets outside the crowded homes in less than sanitary conditions. Thanks to Nick’s early survival teachings, Nick formed his own gang of little children and taught them what was necessary to survive. During this time, Nick’s sister Susan and his half brother Alex showed up at the orphanage as well, their mother having died. However, due to the conditions and lack of nourishing food, Susan died shortly thereafter.

Soon, Nick, Alex, Oliver, and a group of other children were sent down to an orphanage in France with hopes that they would be cared for and have a better chance at getting adopted. Yet they soon discovered more of the same, and finally Nick gathered his ragtag gang of kids (aptly named The Grimsby Gang), and they went to living on the streets.

It is then he meets this American soldier, Robert Conner, who eventually adopts him and Alex in order to keep a promise to a fallen friend who had taken a liking to the two boys. Nick’s entire story then focuses on his struggles to fit into the American world, especially as the adopted son of a rich, upper class man and his socialite wife.

Nick’s Profile

Before I go onto the “memes” I’ve written of Nick, I think a little bit more information about him is needed to really fill in his character. So here is his profile (and several random facts about him).

Name: Nick’s full name is Nikolai Moleski Grimsby. He’s named after his mother’s brother, the notorious gangster Nikolai Willoby.

Nicknames: (He think’s its ironic that the word is “Nick” names). He has several nicknames, the most prominent one being Nick, of course. He is also known as Nicky, Whitey (due to his hair color) and Grimsby.

Appearance: Nick has whitish-blond hair, but it’s mostly white. This is due to an unknown homemade concoction his mother took while pregnant with him in an attempt to abort him. Obviously it failed, but it caused him to be born with white hair and made his voice remain very high and squeaky throughout his life. He also has light green eyes and some light freckles. He really loves his green and white striped shirt and his adopted mother has to fight him to get it washed.

Family: His father was Marcus Grimsby, his mother’s brother-in-law. His mother was Marcia Willoby Grimsby, and his uncle, her brother, has already been named as Nikolai Willoby, his namesake. His adopted family consists of Robert Conner, Josephine Conner, and their son, Basile Conner. His half brother is Alex Grimsby, and sister was Susan Grimsby.

Age: He’s eight when he is first introduced, and the story progresses to when he is nineteen. But it mostly focuses on his younger years, predominantly when he is aged nine to twelve.

Personality: When I gave him the MBTI years ago, he came out as an ENTP-A, or, in the Four Temperament theory, a Sanguine-Choleric, which honestly, fits him well. He’s SUPER outgoing and can be a bit rude (okay, more than a bit), but really it’s all to cover his fragile, broken self. Regardless of that, however, he’s naturally a high-spirited, optimistic kid. Juts don’t tick him off… he is a pro at passive-aggressiveness.

Likes: Nick is unique in that he thrives on the streets. In fact, when he is adopted and taken to the “civilized” world, he hates it. You could call him the Huck Finn of the streets, so to speak. He struggles (well, sometimes he doesn’t try at all, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here) with trying to fit into the carefully prescribed mold of the upper class child, but unlike his brother Alex, he finds himself unable to suppress his burning desire to be “free” from constraints and rules.

It’s a well-known fact in the Conner household that Nick’s favorite food is pancakes with syrup. Or rather, syrup with a little bit of pancakes. He usually goes on a sugar rush afterwards.

Nick’s favorite sport is running. Whether that be running a race, cross-country, or trying to lose the cops, he doesn’t care. Because he’s so used to running, it’s just a natural part of his life.

Nick also really likes attention — especially his brother’s. Alex is his favorite person and for awhile, the only one he (sometimes) listens to. As they grow older, however, the two drift, mostly in part to Alex’s one-sided rivalry with him.

Dislikes: Nick dislikes civilized life in general, but school especially is the bane of his existence. Though an intelligent student, he might have a little ADHD since he cannot sit still for very long and his mind wanders swiftly. His rash and unpredictable behavior (which includes breaking the teacher’s ruler, cutting off the ponytail of the girl in front of him, and disrupting the class with funny faces) actually runs off one teacher.

Girls are another bane of his existence, at least in his eyes. This class of people he does not like, namely because Alex likes them. And of course, when Alex is trying to get their attention, he’s ignoring his little annoying brother. Also, as he gets older, he discovers that, despite his white hair, girls seemed magnetically attracted to him, causing friction between him and his adored brother. Lastly, Josephine Conner is a girl, and he never can live up to her expectations of him, prompting him not to care what any girl thinks.

During his younger years, his white hair is a constant source of self-hatred to him, especially as he knows the reason he was born with it. Bullies use it more than anything to pick on him, and the stares he receives because of it embarrass and anger him. As he grows older, he becomes a little more confident in himself and cares less about what others think, but still remains slightly self-conscious about his hair for the rest of his life.

It’s also a known fact in the Conner household that vegetables are Nick’s enemy. Brussel sprouts in particular. Food fights have been started over Nick being served Brussel sprouts, mostly thanks to Nick launching the veggies with his spoon across the table at Basile and Alex — to be funny, of course.

Growing up as a street kid with his own gang does not make Nick associate policemen positively. In fact, as a child, outwitting policemen is one of his favorite pastimes (besides stealing wallets, of course). But as he grows older, he finds a newfound appreciation for policemen as he sees them protect innocent people who otherwise would be harmed.

Favorite Activites: Nick has multiple favorite activities. Some of these already discussed include running, gaining attention (mostly through negative actions), and spending time with Alex.

Another (negative) activity he enjoys is stealing wallets. As a child, pocket-picking started out as a necessity for survival, but when he is adopted by a wealthy couple, it becomes more of an enjoyable pastime — enjoyable for him, that is. However, he’s usually caught, as if Alex doesn’t turn him in, Mr. Conner seems to know when he’s stolen something… probably because his house is the first place the police go, knowing Nick is the likeliest suspect in a stolen wallet case. This is the part of the activity he does NOT like, being caught and punished.

When Nick grows older, he works for the post office, and enjoys walking around the different neighborhoods, delivering mail. Sometimes he even times himself, to see how quickly he can get his rounds done.

And now, to the “memes”!

Nick “Memes”

“Meme” #1: Fishbowl

Alex: Nick, did you get the fishbowl I asked you to buy? 

Nick: Yup!

Alex: … then where is it? 

Nick: Gimme one second to get it!

Alex: …

Nick: *goes out to car to retrieve said fishbowl* 

Alex: *waits* 

Nick: *returns* MEET FISHBOWL! 

Alex: … *staring at a Billy-Goat* 

Alex: … 

Alex: *whispers* Nick… 

Nick: ??

Alex: *screams incoherently into a pillow* 

“Meme” #2: Nick at School

Cècil: All right, class, today is our math test. There is to be no work on paper. It all must be done in your head. 

Nick: … *doesn’t even raise hand* I need paper to do it on.

Cècil: No, you don’t Nikolai. 

Nick: YES I—

Cècil: NO YOU DON’T! Now, class, begin! 

Nick: … *staring at paper* 

Alex: *doing work in his head and putting down answers on the test like every other kid* 

Cècil: *after the allotted time* Time is up! Now, hand in your papers. 

Everyone: *gets up and goes to the desk* 

Alex: *lays almost finished paper on the desk* 

Cècil: Thank you Alex. 

Nick: *last student up there* *lays paper on desk* 

Cècil: … Nick… why is there nothing on your paper…?

Nick: *impertinently* You said to do the work in the head. Well, that’s where I did the work, and that’s where the answers are staying. Bye bye. *marches out of school* 

Cècil: … *screams incoherently* 

“Meme” #3: Monster Movie

Alex: Can James and I go see that new monster movie?

Mr. Conner: Sure, just be back by nine-thirty. 

Nick: Oooh can I go?!

Alex: … you sure you won’t get scared? 

Nick: Alex, I’m fifteen. I can handle it. 

Alex: All right then. 

*Later after the movie in the movie theater* 

Nick: *laughing* That wasn’t scary at all! 

*Later at night in bed* 

Alex: *sound asleep* *doesn’t hear nearby clap of thunder* 

Nick: *dashes into the room and jumps on Alex screaming* THE MONSTERS ARE AFTER ME! THE MONSTERS ARE AFTER ME! 

Alex: *muffled screaming* NICK GET OFF OF ME I CAN’T BREATH! 

Nick: *crawls under the covers by him and covers head* 

Alex: *sits up and turns on lamp* … I thought you said you could handle it? You’re fifteen… 

Nick: *still under covers, trembling visibly* I wAS wrOnG!!!

Alex: … 😑

“Meme” #4: Do You Want The Good News or Bad News First?

Nick: *holding a slurpie* Alex, can I take your car into town? 

Alex: *eying his 16 yr old brother* Don’t spill that in there and you can. 

*hours later* 

*Nick returns looking guilty*

Alex: What did you do?

Nick: Do you want the good news or bad news first? 

Alex: *sighs* The good news. 

Nick: The good news is I didn’t spill my slurpie in the car!

Alex: Phew. I was almost positive you would have. *relaxes and puts feet up* So what’s the bad news? 

Nick: … you’re going to need a new car.

“Meme” #5: Do You Want The Good News or Bad News First Reprise

Nick: *comes in* 

Alex: Did you get the concert tickets? 

Nick: … it’s really windy out… 


Nick: Do you want the good news or bad news first?

Alex: *sighs* Last time this happened the good news meant nothing. So the bad news first this time…

Nick: Well… the wind blew the tickets out of my hand and they blew into the lake and sunk… 

Alex: … whAT?! 

Nick: But there’s good news!! 

Alex: … *looking hopeful* What? 

Nick: I wasn’t blown into the lake!! 



Alex: GET OUT!!!!! *throws book at Nick* 

I’ve got tons of other “memes” surrounding Nick and his brother, but I think this is suffice to see Nick’s personality in action. Which meme is your favorite of these five? Mine is honestly the fourth one.


And now, for the announcement! From now on, in each post, look for Nick’s Stamp of Approval. He is now the new mascot of my blog, and may even leave a little sentence expressing his thoughts on the blog post. But, he may not like every blog post… so we’ll see just how many he “approves” of!

Nick’s Stamp of Approval (Subject to Change by Nick Inc.)

Thanks so much for reading all this! What do you think of Nick? Would you like to read more about Nick, or more Nick “memes”? Or would you like to hear about another character, or have me do another post like this one? Let me know in the comments below! God bless! ~ Kay Leigh

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