Introducing: My Cats

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know, last Monday, August 8th, was International Cat Day! Because of that, I decided to do a post about my eight wonderful kitties and tell you a bit about each!

My Cats

Cat #1: Whitey

Whitey is our oldest cat and he is my pal. He’s actually a Ragdoll kitty, but also a rescue cat. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Someone found him on the street and took him in, but he was super stressed by their other animals who bullied him, so we took him. After a little while, however, we discovered why someone had most likely thrown him onto the street. He was supposedly “fixed”, but still sprayed. Thankfully we found a vet who realized he wasn’t entirely fixed, because he had something rare going on, and she was able to help him.

Now he is the best fluffy boy, who loves to just be with me and follows me around like a dog. He’s one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever had and LOVES pets. He’ll even let complete strangers come to say hello.

Cat #2: Buffy

This is my ornery boy, Buffy. He’s actually become more of my mom’s cat now, but he still comes around me every so often. Actually, if anyone has hamburger, he’ll go to them because that’s his favorite food. He also ironically likes collard greens too, and goes crazy over them.

We took him and his sister in just a week after we got Whitey. We used to have an orange and white indoor-outdoor cat, the only orange cat in the vicinity. He disappeared one day, and shortly afterward, one of our neighbors said they thought his kittens were over at their house and offered them to us, so we had to take them. Though his sister was a pain to catch, Buffy was as good-natured, chatty, and gullible as he is today — one treat got him out from hiding, and he’s been enjoying his life ever since.

Cat #3: Forry

Buffy’s sister Forry is a typical female kitty. Quiet, sassy, and a drama queen, the boys love to play with her, and though she doesn’t always act like it, she likes to tease them too. She’s definitely a loner though, preferring the comfort of her own, isolated bed in a seldom occupied room of the house than in the busier areas.

Though fluffy, she’s actually as light as a feather. She loves wet-food and gets strangely super affectionate at night, meowing and wanting a ton of attention from me. And occasionally, she will go through an extroverted stage where all she wants is to sit on my lap and get pets.

Cat #4: Natalya

Starting with Natalya, these kitties are all related. She and her brother Luther appeared at our door right in the beginning of 2020. They were super friendly, and we were sure they’d been dumped by someone. We made the mistake of giving them some food on our porch one night, and then we were stuck. In the morning, there they both sat, staring in the sliding glass door at us. So we kept them.

The issue was, because of Covid, we didn’t know anywhere we could get them fixed… and then, two kitties multiplied into six. We got them all fixed pretty quickly after that!

Unfortunately, Luther was killed by a car the next year, and that prompted us to bring them all inside for good. Though at first things were a little tense between Natalya and her brood and the current indoor cats, they all get along splendidly now.

Also, fun fact, Natalya is named after a character in one of my books, as are all her kittens.

Cat #5: Douglas

Douglas goes by a plethora of names, including: Doug, Dougie, Fatty, The Pig, Fatty-Mc-Fatson, and so on, the latter names because of his tendency to eat whatever he can get his paws on. He’s not just fluffy, he’s honestly rather fat. He enjoys anything: three-week-old French fries he finds in the bottom of the car, my spaghetti he finds when he jumps onto the table, banana slices, pizza bites, cheese, yogurt, goldfish, Mac ‘n’ cheese, dog food — everything except raw vegetables. (Currently while I’ve been writing this post, he has begged for Mac ‘n’ cheese and hopped up on a table and licked some pizza crumbs off a plate.)

As the oldest of Natalya’s brood, he got the most food, and honestly, its not surprising I had to bottle feed the youngest two kittens, with how much Doug eats. But he’s also super laid back and affectionate. Often he’ll hop in my lap just to sit with me, or if he sees someone taking a nap, he’ll go and join them. He’s very good-natured, and had hardly any problem adjusting to the new cats, being super friendly and nice to them.

Cat #6: William

This is William, mostly known as “Willie” or “The Grill” (inside joke), and yes, he is fat, and yes, I am trying to get my dad to stop spoiling him with treats so he can lose weight. Willie is very quiet and probably the most scared of the litter, as he’s very cautious and hides, but he’s definitely my dad’s cat because he’ll go and sit with him, probably hoping to get treats. He likes chips and goldfish, and will actually beg for those if he hears a bag rattling. (Also he helped his brother Doug clean off the pizza crumbs.)

He’s the only kitty who actually looks like his father Luther, as he’s built like him, stocky and short, not lanky and long like his mother. He also has a teddy-bear like face, and will meow if he’s hungry and wants you to feed him.

Cat #7: Maribelle

Maribelle (or “Mari” or “Blackie”) is my only pure black kitty, as well as the only girl of the litter. When she was a tiny kitten, Natalya wasn’t making enough milk to feed all four kittens (or Doug was eating it all) and so Mari started howling constantly for food. I had to bottle feed her and her younger brother, and finally she stopped howling and was content.

Mari is, like a typical female, a bit of a drama queen and very temperamental. Sometimes she likes to be around people. Other times, she won’t let you near her. She’ll jump on her brothers and play with them, but when they jump on her, she screams like she’s dying. Once she even ripped a slice out of her littlest brother’s ear when they were rough-housing with each other.

Mari is also a few-person cat. She comes and sits with me a lot, and occasionally my dad, but she rarely lets my mom pet her, and is absolutely terrified of my brother, literally flinching and shuddering when he pets her, and meowing for help when he comes near. Not quite sure why she’s so terrified of him, but she is.

Cat #8: Richard

And finally, last, but certainly not least, BIG RICK. (Yeah, Big Rick is his main nickname, but he’s got others, like Richie, Rick, and Richard the Lionhearted.) This fellow was the runt, the tiniest of them all, and now? Now he’s the giant of the family, weighing even more than Doug. He is LONG and heavy, but he’s honestly a big baby, getting frightened at the oddest of things. He’s also my boy, coming up onto my chair multiple times a day to see me and get pets, and meowing at me when he wants attention.

He’s actually a very needy kitty. He needs his attention, and he absolutely LOVES to be pat on the back (actually he likes it really really hard, like a spank more than a pat). His tail is always up, even when he’s scared, and he just always looks happy, though I can tell when he’s nervous or upset. He goes nuts over feeding time, determined to get his first, and I think it probably has to do with his kittenhood when he barely got enough to eat before I began to bottle feed him.

Well everyone, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed meeting and learning about my kitties! I love them all very much, and I’m so glad God blessed me with them. Do you have any cats? What are their names and one unique thing about them? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, and God bless! ~ Kay

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