Christmas Announcement

Hello everyone! I am finally on winter break, so I’m finding more time to do other activities, such as blogging! Thank you all for hanging with me even through the sporadic blogging! I really appreciate it!
Now, onto the Christmas announcement! There are three weeks before Christmas starting this Saturday, and so each week until Christmas, starting with today, I will be posting a short Christmas story I have written.

I felt it fitting to start off this short Christmas story series with a basic short story, stating the true meaning of Christmas! May you all be blessed, and have a wonderful Christmas season! ~ Kay Leigh

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The Reason For the Season

“I can’t believe you’d give Emma a present after all the lies she spread about you, and then, on top of it, lied to your face about it! How could you, Maddie?”

Maddie turned to Abigail and smiled. “I did it because this is the reason for Christmas — a Gift was given to those undeserving.”

Abigail raised her brows. “What do you mean?”

Maddie smiled. “Two-thousand years ago, God gave His only Son to us, as a baby. He gave Him so that He could make a way for us to go to Heaven when we die, and not Hell. We did nothing to deserve Him; in fact, it was our sin which caused Jesus to have to die so we could go to Heaven. Yet, God loved us so much, He was willing to give us this great gift, His only begotten Son. That is why we celebrate Christmas and give gifts to others. That is why I gave Emma a gift, because God gave me the gift of Jesus when I did not deserve Him.”

“Yeah… but you were a good person before you became a Christian. You loved your parents and even went to church every Sunday! You didn’t steal or murder or anything. You of anyone deserved Heaven.”

Maddie thought for a moment, then turned to Abigail. “You thought I shouldn’t give Emma a gift because she lied, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. She’s awful! I’d have snubbed her.”

“Well… do you ever remember me lying?”

Abigail furrowed her brows, then looked surprised. “There was that one time when you lied about being at Meghan’s house when we went to the movies… but it was only a little white lie! Nothing bad happened and nobody got hurt.”

“But you admit it was still a lie?” Maddie asked.

“Well… yes, I suppose so.”

“In God’s law, a lie is a lie, no matter how small, and a lie is sin. I not only sinned against my parents for lying to them but also against God, whose law states we shall not lie.

“So I was undeserving of God’s gift, Jesus. Yet He still gave Him to me, you, and everyone, so that we could have eternal life in Heaven, if we receive Him as our Lord. I gave Emma a gift in remembrance of the Lord giving me, who was undeserving, His Son. That is the true reason for the season, Abigail; not to just give gifts to those who are deserving, but to also give them to those who are not. ”

2 thoughts on “Christmas Announcement

  1. Oof, Christmas is already three weeks away! Time flew this year!
    I’m really excited to read all your Christmas stories! I really liked this one! Great post! 💜

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