Because We Were Different – Part 15

Hey everyone! I’m back with part fifteen of my sci-fi serial story! I hope you all enjoy it, and I really appreciate the likes and comments! God bless! ~ Kay

Part 15

  I stood outside impatiently in my new outfit. I had a black t-shirt on, brown pants, a black belt, and then I held a purple jacket in my arms. Raidon said I absolutely HAD to get it; he said it’d make me look more casual… though I truly hadn’t believed I could get more casual than wearing a t-shirt. And plus it was HOT out! I didn’t need a jacket!

  “Looking good for once, hot-shot,” Natalia remarked, as she exited the clothing shop, in a nice loose blouse and loose baggy pants. 

  I rolled my eyes. “Well at least you look like a girl for once in your life.”

  She gave me a hard jab to the ribs. “I’ll be at the Rent-A-Ship!” she called, dashing away before I could react. 

  I gritted my teeth and curled my fists, then looked back into the window of the shop. “Where are you Raid?!” I muttered under my breath. Something told me he was going overboard with his disguise. 

  Raidon came sauntering out a few minutes later. He wore a bowler hat, with a black jacket, a white t-shirt underneath that said something about a beach, a pair of flashy sunglasses and had some sporty shorts on. 

  I could just see it. Raidon, the tropical tourist, kidnapping a princess. 

  And was that a fake—! “Raidon Zainab!? A fake mustache?!”

  Raidon grinned. “Do you like it? It’s a real good disguise for me, don’t you think?” he asked, deepening his voice. 

  I slowly closed my eyes, asking for patience that I did not have to be suddenly given to me. “Between you and Natalia, I am going to go—”

  “Oooh! Ice cream!” Raidon’s eyes lit up as an ice-cream truck drove by, it’s cheery music playing. It slowed to a stop by the street corner, as if just taunting me, and tempting Raidon. Kids came pouring down from every which way, rushing to be the first to get to the ice-cream truck. 

  “No you don’t.” I grabbed Raidon by his arm and jerked him away as he started down, just like one of the kids. “We’re going to a rent a ship. And we’ll take about your new… facial hair… in a little while.” I started away briskly.

  Raidon gave one longing look back at the truck, moaned, and then followed me, his head lowered dejectedly. 

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