Because We Were Different – Part 13

Hey everyone! I’m back with part 13 of my serial story! Thank you all for reading and for the likes and comments, I really appreciate them! God Bless! ~ C.G

Part 13

   Packing was a pain. Raidon had things scattered all over the room, trying to find the things he needed. 

  “We’re not going to be gone that long, Raid,” I sighed, sitting at my desk, the only place not yet cluttered by Raidon’s things. 

  “Oh, I know, but what if I get bored?” He held up two of his wooden figures. “Should I bring the cat or the dog to set up on the shelf in our ship?”

  “You won’t get bored, Raidon, and I don’t care.” I turned back to my desk, and pulled out the bottom drawer. Manila files that proved that I’d been through a ton of training greeted me, but I pulled them out, knowing that what I really wanted was hidden below them. 

  “What’s that?” Raidon asked as I pulled out a small metal thing. It looked like a large toothbrush, only without the bristles. 

  “It’s a door unlocker… or at least it’s supposed to be one,” I said, barely paying him heed as I examined it.

  Raidon squinted his eyes. “You’re inventing again, aren’t you?”

  I bit my lip. Whenever I heard the word inventing, I remembered my father. “I can’t help it, Raidon. It’s in my blood. I’ve grown up with it. And I don’t care what anyone does to me. Nothing can make me stop.”

  He shrugged. “Well, I won’t tell, you know, but… it is kinda dangerous.”

“Everything we do is dangerous, Raidon,” I turned around on my chair to face him. “And—” My foot knocked into some of his wooden figures and a whole row of them fell down like dominoes. Whatever elegant thing I was going to say disappeared from me then. 

  “Ainslyn!” Raidon cried. “Aww, my figures!”

  “Sorry,” I answered, then turned back to my desk again. “Not really,” I muttered under my breath. 

“I heard that,” Raidon replied back, his tone slightly irritated. 

I sighed deeply. “Look, Raidon, this is a dangerous, important mission! You need to stop acting like a child!” I folded my hands on my desk, getting a bit stressed out. My fingers naturally went to my newest invention in progress, shoes which were supposed to, with the tap of a button, turn into roller skates, and I started to tinker with it, to relax myself.

  “I am not acting like a child! I have a hobby! Is that such a sin?” Raidon retaliated, looking offended.

  “No,” I replied. “But must you always dump them out on the floor like a toddler and sort through them? And why do you need so many?!”

    “Well I collect them! It’s my hobby! Just like doing illegal stuff is your hobby.”

  “I don’t do illegal stuff! I invent! There’s a difference!” I exclaimed, shoving my fist on the table. Why was inventing considered illegal?! I wouldn’t tolerate it. I was already irritated, couldn’t Raidon see that? I wished he’d just shut his big mouth.

  “Just pack your stuff,” Raidon sighed, clearly upset as well. Maybe he was nervous too. Still, that didn’t justify his remarks. He knew I was touchy about inventing being illegal. 

  I turned around once more, and looked at him. “I would, but there’s one problem… I CAN’T FIND MY BACKPACK BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS ALL THEIR STUFF EVERYWHERE!” I whirled back to my desk, arms crossed. Well… at least that blew some of my anger off. 

  Suddenly, something hit the back of my chair, and I looked down to see my backpack. 

  “There you go,” Raidon said. “You know, Ainslyn, it might do you some good to sometimes step back and look at things from a different perspective.”

 I stared at Raidon. Was he actually being serious for once? “Why?”

  “Well,” he shrugged. “You might find something you never saw before. Like your backpack.”

  I rolled my eyes, as I grabbed my backpack and unzipped it. “Whatever.”

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