Because We Were Different – Part 12

Hello everyone! I’m back with part twelve of my sci-fi serial story! Hope you all enjoy! Thank you so much for reading! ~ C.G

Part 12

  I sighed heavily, breaking the uncomfortable silence which had come over us. It also broke Raidon’s and Remington’s death-stare contest. “So, when do we leave?” I asked. I didn’t have all day to wait on these two children to figure out who won the stare war.

  Remington turned to me. “Tonight. And you will be accompanied by the best soldier we have, as further protection. However, thought she’s the best we have, she is not to know the details of your mission.”

  My heart sunk as I realized who he was speaking about. Natalia. “Please, can’t I have the second best?”

  Remington looked at me unamused. “Personal irritations are not to be brought into this. This is a military assignment.”

  So, he’d heard of our rivalry too, eh? Great. Still, I could try one more thing…“But—”

  “No buts, Paine!” Remington took another deep breath, calming himself. “Now, I will call her in. Remember, no one is to know about your assignment. Not even her.”

  Knowing Natalia Atticus, she was bound to find out. And knowing Raidon, he wouldn’t be able to keep a secret for long — even if he was threatened by Remington’s words of caution. This was a doomed plan from the beginning. I was beginning to wonder if Raidon was right… maybe he was waiting on us to slip up to have an excuse to do away with us.

  Remington walked over to a small wooden table in the corner and pulled a small… what looked like a phone sort of thing out, and say, “I will see Miss Atticus now.” He then returned to his chair. 

  The door opened up, and Natalia stepped in, her head high, and her uniform spotless. Her white hair was curled into a bun on the back of her head, and when she saw me, she tilted her head even higher. Pathetic. Her marks couldn’t even compare to mine, and she didn’t command half the respect I did in the academy. She was a good fighter, that was it.

  Remington didn’t seem surprised by her attitude at all. “Miss Atticus.”

  She saluted. “Mr. Remington.”

  “At ease.”

  She relaxed a bit, keeping her hands behind her back. 

  “I’ve called you here today to let you know that you are going to go on a mission with Paine and Zainab, starting tonight. Your job is to make sure that they are not bothered or threatened in any way in their mission. You are not to press them about what it is; it is top secret, and they are not permitted to explain it.”

  Natalia stiffened when Remington mentioned my name. “Sir,” she started.

  “Yes? Is there a problem?” He raised his brows, looking as if he dared her to question him.

  “I would like to request a different mission, sir,” she stated bluntly, surprising even me with her boldness.

  “And what is wrong with this one, may I ask?”

  Natalia stammered, reddening then. “I-it’s- it’s him, Sir!” She pointed right at me. 

  I leaned back in my chair with a smug smirk on my face. One good thing could come out of Natalia coming with us — she would be under my command, and would be forced to follow my orders. Yet another thing I could rub in her face. 

 Remington raised his brows. “What about him?”

  “He’s… well he’s—”

  “As I told Paine,” Remington interrupted her then. “Personal irritations are not to be brought into this. This is purely a business mission. That is it. Now, you are all dismissed.”

  Raidon spoke up. “I have a question!”

  Remington turned to face him with annoyance clearly written on his face. I was sure he hadn’t expected it to be this tough to give us our orders. That or he wasn’t used to being questioned… yeah, that was probably it. “What?”

  “Are we allowed to ask questions?”

  Remington shut his eyes, and I could tell he was trying with every ounce of his strength to withstand losing his temper. I smirked triumphantly. Raidon, the most cheerful and kind of us all, could actually get to Remington! What I could not do with losing my temper and making smart comments, he could by asking simple, innocent questions. 

  “Would I be answering you if you were not?” Remington finally answered icily. 

  “I guess not.” Raidon shrugged. “When should we be home?”

  “If all goes well, you should be back in two weeks.” Remington waved us away, clearly done with us. “Now go. Report to me immediately when you return, Paine.”

  “Yes sir,” I muttered, before exiting with Natalia and Raidon. 

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