Some Facts About Me!

So since I have been off and on my blog multiple times, today I wanted to reintroduce myself by giving you all some random facts about me!

I am a homeschool graduate!

I am an INTJ.

I want to pursue a career in creative writing.

My favorite animals are cats, and I have five of them! 

My favorite food is Macaroni and cheese and my favorite sweet is chocolate. 

I love my God, my country, my family, friends and animals! God bless America!! 

I love History! My favorite time period to study about is the High and Late Middle Ages. 

My favorite season is winter.

I am a Christian.

My favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10.

My favorite verse for my life is Psalms 118:17.

My favorite Bible Books are probably James and Psalms, though I really like the Gospels too. 

My favorite Bible Character (besides Jesus) is Daniel! 

I looovvveee writing! (Obviously Lol) 

I tend to write only fiction. 

My favorite genre to read (I’m generalizing here) is Mystery. My least favorite genre is Horror. 

My favorite character in a book of all times is Gilbert Winslow from the book The Honorable Imposter by Gilbert Morris. My favorite movie characters of all times are the Pevensie Children from the Narnia movies. My favorite video game characters have to be Will from Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands and Doug from Rune Factory 4

The longest book I’ve ever written is my work in progress, which is 1,000 pages and counting. 

My top five favorite names to use for boy characters are William, Richard, Geoffrey, Gilbert, and Walter. My top five favorite names to use for girl characters are Roxanne, Isabelle, Rosa, Maggie, and Lillian. 

My favorite genre to write is a mix between Mystery and Adventure, and I love setting my stories in a medieval type setting. 

I love writing Role Plays with friends and have even started a sort of Co-Author story with one of my besties! (Shout-out to Princess Geek; go check out her blog at; she’s awesome!) 

I have a hard time keeping short things short. When I try to write a “Short Story”, somehow it always turns out longer than I intended. Happens all the time. 

Well, there are a few facts about me! Feel free to comment below a few facts about yourself! What are your favorite genres to read? What is your favorite Bible verse? Lemme know in the comments below!

God bless! ~ C.G.

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