Scripture Tuesday: Proverbs 21: 5

Proverbs 21: 5 says, “The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness; but of every one that is hasty only to want.” 

If someone is diligent, then most likely, his thoughts would mostly be resting on getting the task they have been given done, and not being distracted with idle thoughts and other things that could ordinarily distract someone, such a social media, games, books, and other such things. That’s not to say these things are bad, but when someone gives you a task to do, it’s best to do it diligently and thoroughly, without getting distracted and taking up precious time.

On the other hand, the hasty person tends to do things half-heartedly, rushing through them so they can get to what they want to do. We must remember that everything we do, we ultimately do it unto the Lord.

Hasty people also can unfortunately be prime targets for con artists who offer “get-rich-quick” schemes that leave the victim penniless.

It’s not to say that hasty people’s intentions aren’t sincere when they start a task, but they must work even harder to stay diligent and on target than some others.

Let me encourage anyone who may find themselves easily distracted with things or who gets in trouble for half-finished jobs or jobs that weren’t done thoroughly — ask God to help you stay on task, and maybe ask someone to be your accountability partner to keep you on task, and above all, do not give up! Through Christ you can do ALL things!

God bless and have a wonderful day! ~ C.G

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