My Short Story Reboot!

So as many of you know, after an extended break from my blog I have come back, and will hopefully stick to a schedule now and get some Scripture Tuesdays out every week. As I said before in an earlier post, however, I will attempt to be getting a short story part out at least once a month… but I obviously failed at that. My deepest apologies!

That being said, I am once again going to try to wrap up this “Short Story” of mine sometime soon. It turned out to be slightly longer than I wished, but I’m hoping all you awesome readers will like it! I love your guys’ feedback and likes so feel free to comment below!

Anyways, since I haven’t written in the short story in some time, I felt I ought to give you readers who have read up to the last part a little bit of a summary so that you don’t have to go back over and look over every little section to remember what happened. As for you readers who may not have read those last sections… well, scat! Go read them! Don’t get spoiled! Unless of course you want to be…

My story Those With Wings is mainly about one boy named Téras Trómos who happens to have huge black wings. Only other people with wings can see his wings, however after discovering a pair of strange goggles that seemingly did nothing in his caretaker Auburn’s things, he finds out that regular people, using the goggles, can see his wings. After being threatened by his caretaker’s family, he runs away and comes across two other Black-Wings, Joram and Jotham, and then meets up with their boss… Téras’ older brother Natt.

However, during the time Téras goes missing, his caretaker goes to search for him and meets up with a boy Téras knew at school — a White-Wing named Eilad, and his cousin, a Pink-Wing named Rosea. Together they decide to search for Téras and try to discover about the past of the Winged people… and what happened to them.

Now, without further ado, here is Part 10 of Those With Wings.

Part 10


I had a brother. The news was almost too good to be true — I was almost afraid to believe it for fear that it was a lie — yet I knew it wasn’t. It couldn’t be…

I forgot about everything — about asking why Natt, my brother, had Auburn Prewitt’s car or what he had done with him — but we just stared at each other, then we both uncomfortably glanced at Joram and Jotham, who stared back at us. Natt turned then back to the wheel and said in a low tone, “We need to get out of here now,” and started driving again… as if NOTHING had happened! As if he hadn’t just met his brother he thought was dead!

I couldn’t say I blamed him much though. I didn’t know what to think — or say, for that matter— myself. I mean, we had both thought we were dead — and heck, just last week I had thought I was the last Black-Wing to exist! Why hadn’t Auburn told me otherwise?! Then again… I hadn’t ever asked him. I’d just assumed that since my whole family had supposedly died, and that I had never seen any other Black-Wings that I was the only one… and now here I was… in Auburn’s car… without Auburn… and riding with three Black-Wings… or… WAIT ONE MOMENT!

“You’re not my brother,” I heard myself say in a cold, low tone. Classic. I’d just met this guy who claimed to be my brother, and who looked like an older version of me — and all I’d thought of to say was, “You’re not my brother.” Why was talking and forming my thoughts into words so hard?! I felt the need to explain at first, but as Natt drove on without slowing or seeming half bothered, it diminished. Still… I had to find out the truth… if Natt was indeed my brother… then… why didn’t he have the one thing necessary to prove he was my brother… why didn’t he have WINGS?

“If you were my brother… you’d have wings,” I finally got out lamely. 

“He makes a good point,” Jotham said, snapping his fingers while sucking on a bomb-pop he’d found in Auburn’s cooler which was in the car. Either Natt had just recently stolen the car after Auburn had bought some, or he had an unusual fondness for bomb-pops, for as Jotham lifted the lid to the cooler, he revealed ice surrounding a bunch of boxes of them. “Want one?” 

I only shook my head, shivering and wondering why Natt wasn’t speaking. Was he even more reserved than I was? “Why won’t you answer me?!” I finally exclaimed after another period of extended silence. 

“When we get to our destination,” Natt spoke then in a low, calm tone. “I will explain things.” 

That was when I realized that… I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE I WAS GOING! They could be taking me to die for all I knew! I squirmed in my seat. “Where are you taking me?! And where’s Auburn?!” 

“The guy who owned this car?” Natt asked in calm tones, ignoring my first question completely. I was getting irritated. Brother or not… this guy was grating to my nerves. Then again… everyone was. 

“Yes,” I answered through gritted teeth. 

“Probably riding some kid’s bike now. Stopped to help some White-Wing,” Natt spat out the open window, as I perked up. White-Wing? Could that have been Eilad?

“Auburn doesn’t just… up and leave his car,” I replied. 

“Well, they were being mugged.” 

“By you?” I asked pointedly. What use was there in beating around the bush? Apparently he thought the same way, as he frankly answered, “Yes.” 

However, being answered in such an up-front way surprised me, as I was unused to such, and it took me aback. I had no idea what else to say. He’d answered my question curtly and frankly… just like I always did. 

“Where are you taking me?” I asked again, as I saw we were leaving the wasteland part of the city and driving… driving out into the unknown, wild parts of the countryside — a side of my world that I had heard was unknown and deadly… explorers, scientists, and even politicians who wished to uncover the secrets of the hazy unknown had all made excursions into the foggy land beyond… and none had returned.

“W-we can’t go here! It’s dangerous!” I cried in horror, unbuckling my seat belt and standing up. 

The moment I did so, I was slammed back into my seat as Natt floored the accelerator. “You aren’t going anywhere,” he said in a cold tone, although we were now going about a hundred-and-twenty miles over unpaved landscape! “You are going with me… to where you belong!”

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