Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block

Hey everyone! I apologize for missing a post last week. It was my birthday along with several other events, so it was rather chaotic and I was unable to get to it.

However, for this week’s post, I finally have another writing tip! These are ways that have worked for me or others in solving the issue of the dreaded writer’s block. Sometimes, just a simple tweak will fix it, other times harder work must be put in to break it, so I hope some of these tips are able to help you writers when you struggle with it!

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Idea #1: Create an Ending

Oftentimes I have noticed writer’s block comes when I am writing and I find myself not working towards any specific goal. I have no clear ending to work toward, therefore I become stumped. Creating an ending can be a great way to solve this issue, as you then have a clear point to aim for in your writing.

Ending Tip: If you’re struggling with coming up with an ending, ask yourself what your main character’s major desire is. Chances are, achieving that desire is involved in the ending.

Idea #2: Create an Outline

If you’re an outliner, chances are, you already have this one finished. But for us pantsers out there, sometimes an outline can be good when we’re struggling with writer’s block. I like to have a vague outline anyways, so I know the points I need to cover in each chapter, but not rigid to the point where I can’t majorly change something if I please. Creating an outline to see where you need to write to can be a helpful way to break writer’s block, if creating an ending doesn’t help.

Outlining Tip: Eva Deverell’s One Page Novel Formula has been super helpful for me, a pantser, in simple and easy plotting! Check out my blog post here for links to her site!

Idea #3: Write the Scene from A Different Character’s Point of View

Here is another idea which I have heard is helpful! Sometimes, gaining a new character’s perspective on the scene causing you issues is the key to breaking that brain block! Maybe using a side character, or even the point of view of an animal or object may be the colorful change you need to break the block!

Point of View Tip: Obviously, if you’re writing a novel in first person point of view (using the pronouns I, me, and my for your main character) then this idea would be harder to do. However, you can still take the time to write a practice version of the scene from a different character’s perspective and see if it changes anything before going back to the actual scene which will go into your novel.

Idea #4: Write In a Different Font

Sometimes changing the way you see your story can help free the creative juices as well! Changing your font (or the color of your font) is one way to do that. It can make your story stand out in a whole new light. Also changing your writing platform to another (going from Google Docs to Microsoft Word, for example) could help.

Font Tip: Another idea could be to write the scene on paper if all else fails. Sometimes hand writing it instead of typing can also be enough of a difference to jolt you from the block.

Idea #5: Write Another Scene

If all else fails, you can always skip past the troublesome scene and write another one further on. There’s no rules that say you need to write in a linear fashion! Then later on, you can come back and fill in the space between the two scenes, and hopefully by then it will be easier and the block will be gone.

Scene Tip: Another idea is to just get away from the story entirely and write a scene in a separate novel you’re also working on. Sometimes by changing it up, the creativity flows easier, and perhaps a new idea for the troublesome scene will soon come.

Idea #6: Listen to Music

This is one of my favorites, as it almost always helps me out of a drag! Finding a song that just perfectly fits your scene can help you imagine it more vividly, like a movie scene. Sometimes it takes work to find that perfect song, but in the end it is well worth it!

Music Tip: Not sure where to start looking for good writing music? Check out HDSounDI and Thomas Bergersen on Youtube! You won’t regret it!

Idea #7: Read a Book

There’s a saying out there that if you want to be a good writer, you’ve got to be a good reader. Now, I don’t agree 100% with that quote, but I will say that one thing reading is good for in writing is that it can give you ideas for your own story. If you’re stuck on a scene, try reading a book similar in tone to your novel. Perhaps an event in the story, or even a single line or paragraph may give you some fresh inspiration to return to your writing.

Other Ideas: Sometimes, watching a movie can also give you ideas for your scene, depending on if the movie is similar in theme, setting, or action to your novel. If you watch a movie for the purpose of hoping it will break your block, try to pick one as similar to your novel as possible. Also, some people say playing video games help them. In my experience, playing video games actually makes the writer’s block worse, causing my mind to grow lazy, so I would most definitely not advise playing video games. But the choice is yours, if you think it will help.

Idea #8: Push Through

I have heard that, with athletes, sometimes they’ll reach something they call a “wall” while practicing. It’s when they feel they can practice no longer. But if they push through, they reach their breakthrough, and suddenly don’t feel as weak as they had before. The same sort of thing happens with writers on occasion. We hit our “wall”, writer’s block, and feel like giving up. We feel all we’re writing is trash. I encourage you to keep on trying, at least for awhile longer. In my opinion, oftentimes as I start out forcing myself to write, after a few minutes, I suddenly get a bolt of inspiration, and some of my greatest ideas have come out of times like that.

Final Tip: If you do this, but find your writing growing steadily worse after some minutes of working, then it is best to take a break. If you’ve tried everything, and all else has failed, put away the manuscript for some time — a day, week, even a month — as long as you please. Then come back to it. By that time, you’ll be able to read your work with relatively “fresh” eyes and hopefully then an idea will come to you to fix it.

I hope these ideas and tips help you when you’re struck with writer’s block! I know they help me! Have you used any of these tips before? Do you plan on using any of them now, or the next time you experience writer’s block? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you all for reading, and God bless! ~ Kay

5 thoughts on “Writing Tip: 8 Ideas to Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. I wouldn’t say to “definitely not” play video games in order to find inspiration, because I know it can be helpful (from my own experience, and from hearing other people’s experiences as well). Playing video games like RPGs (especially JRPGs) and interactive stories are pretty much like watching a movie (and it actually inspires me more than watching movies or reading books), so it could definitely help someone!

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    1. Well that’s why I said it’s up to the person. I definitely wouldn’t advise it because in my experience, it’s really horrible for my writing (like rn I’m in writer’s block because I’ve been playing video games too much, RPGs included) so I cannot advise it, but I have heard it helps SOME people, like you, so yeah it’s up to the person, if they think it’ll help, go for it! But it does the opposite of help for me and I know others too 😂

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