Because We Were Different – Part 22

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts last week, we had a tornado hit our city and the internet was knocked out for nearly a week, so I was unable to post. However, I am back now with part 22 of my serial story, Because We Were Different! I feel like it’s about two-thirds the way done, but you never know, it may be shorter or longer, depending on how the story goes!

As always, if you’re new, you can always go back to the beginning of the story by clicking here, or if you’d like to find any of the other parts of the story, click on the sidebar “Short Stories” where you can find all the previous parts and older stories! Thanks again for reading and for all your likes and comments! ~ Kay Leigh

Part 22

I heard a poof behind me before I heard the gunshots I expected, but it was only when the air became choked with smoke did I realize my smoke bomb… actually went off!

“It worked!” Raidon stopped short, causing me to ram into him. “The bomb actually worked!”

“Get going!” I shoved him forward just as I felt a hand grab my shoulder, and I reached for my sword hilt. When I swung it out at the person who held me, they released me with a scream of pain. I dashed out of the alleyway and smoke to where Raidon had grabbed Natalia’s arm and was dragging her along the streets. I caught up to them, still gripping the sword hilt in my hand.

“What’s going on?” Natalia cried, trying to wrench herself free from Raidon’s iron grasp. “What happened?”

“What happened is that you didn’t listen to orders! You were supposed to stay with us at all times, not listen to some traitor tour guide and stand guard at the alleyway thirty yards away and out of sight!” I shouted at her, then ducked as more shots pinged into the building above our heads. “We’ve got to get to our ship! We’ll figure out another plan from there!”

“It’s a good thing the ship hanger is just a few blocks from here,” Raidon said, looking a little green. “Or else I definitely couldn’t keep my breakfast in!”

How could he be thinking about that at a time like this?!

“Why didn’t you shoot them?!” Natalia cried as she glanced back to see our three pursuers before we turned a corner.

“They stole our weapons while we weren’t paying attention,” I said, knowing she was going to say something snarky in return.

“They didn’t steal that sword of yours!”

“This sword is—” I almost tripped over my own feet as I saw the long shiny blade sticking right out, just as it was supposed to. Oh, so NOW my inventions decided to work!

“Maybe you had to swing it out and not pull it?” Raidon asked.

I didn’t have time to answer as we all ducked at the sound of multiple gunshots. One bullet hit the wall right across from us. “Hurry, there’s the ship hanger!” I shoved Raidon forward again, running with all my might.

We dashed inside, running up the flights of stairs to where our ship was, the noise of more footsteps behind us showing that our pursuers weren’t far behind.

“Hurry!” Natalia cried, sprinting ahead toward the ship. If we could get inside and to the weapons system in time, maybe we could—!

Our pursuers shot another volley of bullets… but this time they did not aim them at us. They aimed them at the ship. If it had been a newer ship, maybe things would have been different, but I’m not one for dwelling on maybes.

The whole thing exploded in one glorious burst of orange and yellow heat. Natalia screamed, scurrying back just in time to avoid being burnt, and for the first time, I stopped, staring at our last route of escape. They had us trapped.

I glanced down at the sword I held. It wouldn’t do any good if they just shot at me… but they couldn’t have that many bullets left, unless they somehow were taking turns firing and refilling. I would have to go down fighting. Fighting until the last.

“Time for Plan B!” Raidon said, still sounding cheery despite our predicament. Would he die cheery? Probably.

“We don’t have a Plan B,” I said, but even as the words fell from my mouth, he grabbed my arm and shoved me along.

“Come on! I’ve got this!” He dashed away, and I followed him, stunned.

For the first time in my life, I was taking orders and following Mr. Mustache Maniac… and counting on HIM to save my life.

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