Flash Fiction: I Carried Her

Hey everyone! I’m back with a flash fiction piece I wrote up. It’s a reminder of how quick life flies by, and how we should be living every day in a way that will bless others. Tomorrow is promised to no man, so everyday we should be living as Jesus would want us too. God bless and enjoy this little piece of flash fiction! ~ Kay Leigh

Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on Pexels.com

I Carried Her

by Kay Leigh

I carried her flowers. She was in my kindergarten class, sitting away by herself, but she squealed when I handed her them.

I carried her a new toy to replace the one I accidentally broke. Her eyes brightened when I handed it to her, and the tears disappeared. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, and her eyes shone with forgiveness.

I carried her totes as I helped her move into her first apartment. She laughed when I asked her where she got so much junk.

I carried her squirming little puppy to his first visit to the vet. She covered her eyes when he got his first shot, trying not to listen when he squealed.

I carried her across the threshold of our new house, our faces beaming. She gave me a kiss, promising to love me until death do we part.

I carried her a bouquet of roses for our first anniversary. She dried them and arranged them in our room.

I carried her bag full of baby supplies while we went around the museum. She held our child, having me take their pictures multiple times.

I carried her boxes of papers from her desk out to the car. She was so excited about this new job, her dimples showing as she grinned.

I carried her favorite baby crib to the garage and put in the bigger bed. She stayed in the kitchen, getting ready for our daughter to come home from her first day of kindergarten.

I carried her mystery package in and shook it, trying to guess what was inside. She chided me, but laughed through it all.

I carried her cake she’d made for our daughter’s birthday party into the room. She sat with the girls, a pink party hat on her head too.

I carried her flowers on our fifteenth anniversary. She beamed as she read the card and saw the gift card to her favorite restaurant inside.

I carried her decorations home from our daughter’s graduation party. She looked happy, but exhausted with so much planning.

I carried her “secret message” to the post office. She was planning me a surprise party for my retirement, I was sure of it.

I carried her when she fell. She just exhausted herself again, trying to make everything perfect for me.

I carried her specially picked out gift for our daughter’s wedding. She’d spent hours deciding on it… she was so sure she’d love it.

I carried her favorite books and movies to her room. She would have to stay in bed for a while, and these would keep her entertained when I could not be with her.

I carried her outside to see the warm days of spring. She smiled at the flowers growing in the garden, leaning her head against my shoulder.

I carried her flowers. She was no longer with me, but I would carry her flowers until the day I joined her.

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