Happy Valentines Day!

Hello everyone, and happy Valentines Day! Here I am, back with five brief facts about St. Valentine and/or Valentines Day!

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

Fact #1: There are actually a dozen or so other “Saint Valentines” than the one celebrated for the holiday. The name “Valentine” was popular during the Roman era, and thus there were multiple martyrs with some form of that name, including a young lady named Valentina. The Saint Valentine which the holiday is named after is officially known as St. Valentine of Rome to distinguish him from the other Valentines.

Fact #2: Geoffrey Chaucer may have “invented” the holiday known as Valentines Day. In a poem written around 1375, Chaucer added romantic association to Saint Valentine’s feast day. No records show that there were any romantic associations with Saint Valentine’s feast day before this poem was written.

Fact #3: The oldest printed Valentine’s card known to date was printed in 1797. The message printed was a short romantic poem. Another handwritten note was also inside, but notably less romantic.

Fact #4: The first heart-shaped chocolate boxes were made in 1861. The chocolate company Cadbury first had the idea, which soon became a hit. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to patent the idea, and soon every other chocolate company was doing the same thing.

Fact #5: People send more cards for Valentines than for almost any other holiday. People estimate that more than 145 million store-bought Valentines cards are sent every year, putting the holiday just behind Christmas in terms of cards sent.

I hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day facts! Never forget, especially on this day celebrating love, the One Who loved the world so much that He gave His Only Begotten Son (John 3:16). May you all have a blessed day! ~ Kay Leigh

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