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Hello everyone! I was tagged over on Princess Geek’s blog (go check her out, she’s got awesome content!) to do this Christmas tag. Basically, I’ll be answering twenty questions about Christmas, then I’ll tag someone else to do the same! So let’s get started!

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1. When Do You Start Getting Excited for Christmas?

This is hard because it depends from year to year, but for some reason, around August after my birthday I start listening to Christmas songs. So anywhere from August to October I get excited for Christmas — probably most of the time around September.

2. Is Christmas Your Favorite Holiday?

Yup! I love Christmas, especially when it snows! We’ve only had one Christmas when it actually snowed on the day though.

3. Do You Prefer to Stay at Home or Travel for the Holidays?

Well, when I was little, we used to travel to visit family because we lived out of state. I LOVED traveling home; it was super fun! Now that we’re back in the same state, I still like to travel, but just the hour or so drive to my grandmas. I also like staying at home, but not as much, since it’s a tradition to go to my grandma’s house.

4. Be Honest: Do You Prefer Giving or Receiving Gifts?

Probably both; it honestly depends on the gifts I’m giving or receiving. Sometimes I like receiving better, sometimes giving.

5. Do You Open Any Presents on Christmas Eve?

When I was little, we’d go over to my grandparents house and each cousin would open one gift. Occasionally we’ve had those grandparents over on Christmas Eve and do our Christmas with them then. However the last few years we’ve been going to a movie instead, which I really enjoy!

6. Have You Ever Built a Snowman?

Oh yes, TONS of them. Usually not on Christmas though, but in January and February when we get a lot of snow. I do remember one memory when I built a snowman with my cousins at my grandma’s house though — my brother and one cousin made the bottom, another cousin and I made the middle, and the rest made the top, but my cousin and I made the middle so big we couldn’t lift it, so two giant balls of snow sat in my grandma’s lawn well after all the other snow melted. It was hilarious.

7. Do You Decorate the Outside of Your Home for Christmas?

Besides window-lights, Christmas flags, and metal snowmen signs, nope. My mom does want to do it sometime though, and since our house is pretty big and has a large porch, it would be really pretty!

8. Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?

Fake; I don’t want to risk real trees with eight cats in the house, haha! Talk about chaotic….

9. Most Memorable Holiday Moment?

My most memorable moment was the time when my brother and cousin decided to play a prank on my aunt. My grandma has these glass Dickens houses which my aunt always set up on tables. She loves those houses, and so my brother and cousin decided they’d make her think they’d broken some. My cousin got a new bluetooth speaker that year, and she hooked it to my brother’s iPad. He has the Big Button Box sound effects app on there, and so he pulled up the crashing sound. They planned to run really loud down the hall, and then hit the button to make it sound like they’d broken some of the houses. My aunt freaked when she heard it, but my uncle figured it out, and it was just hilarious.

10. What Do You Like to Do Over Christmas Break?

Hah mostly catch up on things I’m behind on. I still have work, so I’m not completely free like others, but I have a lot of time to write, so my goal for this year is to get a half a chapter of my story edited a day. I also might go to a white elephant with some friends, so that’s on the list of things I’d like to do too! Also, I’ve been trying to blog over the break so (yay, am I right? Haha!)

11. Which Holiday Traditions Are You Most Looking Forward to this Year?

Well, traditions have changed so much over the years that it’s hard to know what’s going to happen. I always enjoy opening gifts at home on the day after Christmas with my family. I also really enjoy going to a movie on Christmas Eve. Probably my favorite though is watching the Rose Parade on New Years. I know it’s not Christmas, but I really like the floats!

12. Best Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received?

The most memorable gift I received was in 2013. I’d broken my DS on accident, and was devastated. My parents said I’d have to buy a new one if I wanted one, and two-hundred bucks was a lot for little me. So I was super surprised when I opened it on the day after Christmas with the new Animal Crossing New Leaf, and ever since it’s been my favorite gift memory. That was also the year it snowed outside.

13. What is Your All Time Favorite Holiday Treat?

BUCKEYES! And that’s not just because I’m an Ohioan. Though they have to be made with organic peanut butter, because the non-organic stuff bothers me.

14. Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

It’s A Wonderful Life has been my favorite for awhile! Home Alone 2 and Elf are close seconds!

15. Your Favorite Christmas Song?

That’s super hard, since I have a lot! A friend asked me this not to long ago and I couldn’t decide. For the longest time, it was Christmas Canon; I love the harmony. I really like Carol of the Bells too.

16. What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

Well, being with family, of course, and giving gifts in the spirit of Christmas, remembering that we give them to each other because God gave us Jesus on this special holiday. Also the food! Thank God for the turkey and noodles!

17. What Would Be Your Dream Place to Visit for the Holiday Season?

I’ve always wanted to go visit the Ark Encounter during Christmas! I’ve been there twice, but never on the holidays, and I’ve heard from friends and seen from pictures that it’s GORGEOUS with all the lights and events they hold there!

18. Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions, and Do You Stick to Them?

Nope, never have made New Years Resolutions. I make ‘resolutions’ whenever I want to make them, but I don’t put undo pressure on myself to keep them if stuff comes up. It’s more like “things I’d like to do this (day/week)” for me.

19. You Have Been Granted One Christmas Wish; What Will It Be?

This is hard, of course. I’d probably say all my family accepting and living for Christ. I’d also like to have my book published someday, and the short stories I’ve sent off to magazines to be published! And then of course, to visit my friend down in Texas (Princess Geek); that would be super awesome!

20. Who’s “it”?

I’ll tag Alli over at Be Still and Run to answer these questions next, if she’d like to! If not, whoever would like to do it can do so!

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas Questionnaire! I don’t usually do things like this, so let me know if you’d like me to do more things like this in the comments below, or if you have any requests! God bless you all, and have a wonderful Christmas season! ~ Kay

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