Because We Were Different – Part 14

Hey everyone! Sorry for the break I took in posting! July was super busy for me with my summer classes and all the birthdays. Hopefully I can get back to my regular posting schedule in August. Anyway, without further ado, here is part fourteen of my sci-fi serial story, Because We Were Different. Thank you so much for reading, and for your likes and comments! They really mean a lot! God Bless! ~ C.G

Part 14

 Finally the packing ordeal was over. Raidon and I made our way to the spaceship which we were to fly in. Natalia was already inside. 

  “What took you two so long?” she asked, in an antagonistic voice, as she sat, legs crossed in her seat. “You took longer than me, and I’m a girl.”

  I pursed my lips and inwardly vowed to make no comment as I passed her to the pilot’s seat. “We’re going to stop at the planet of Gardane to get disguises and switch ships. It’s a neutral planet, as you two must know if you listened to anything in training, and it wouldn’t do for us to be dressed in Kachinoan garb and driving a Kachinoan ship to Shiarizi. So we’re going to stop there first; and no, Raidon, we won’t be spending a ton of time there.” 

  “Why would I—”

  “You’ll see what I mean.”

  With the fast technology of the Kachinoan ships, it took us only about two and a half days to reach the planet. With Natalia however, claiming the whole back of the ship for her private space, and I in no mood to argue, Raidon and I were stuck in the front for most of the trip, each taking turns to pilot as the other would sleep. 

  I did a lot of thinking while on the trip. How was I to even find this princess? Sure, I could ask around, but… that would be kinda strange. Especially if she was already in hiding. I decided that perhaps a Shiarizian guide would be helpful upon arriving at Shiarizi. Then it would make us look like curious tourists. 

  “Boy am I glad to land! My legs ache!” Raidon said, when we reached Gardane. 

  “Remember what I said,” I reminded him firmly.

  “Okay?” I could tell Raidon was still confused, but as we three all stepped out of the ship, and started walking around, Raidon gave a gasp. “Whoa! This place is awesome! They’ve got everything!”

   The planet of Gardane was often called ‘The Summer Resort’ planet, due to its warm climate, sandy ground, beautiful blue water, and tall thin palm trees which swayed in the wind. Lots of little souvenir shops stood around, with shoppers walking here and there, and lots of people had on their relaxing vacation clothes. I felt even more out of place in my stiff, formal military uniform here. I stopped to ask a young boy who was standing on the street corner some directions to a clothing shop. 

  “What’s the matter with your clothes? They look just fine to me!” this kid answered, in a cheery tone… just like Raidon’s. Great. Why was I attracted to these people?

  Raidon started to speak eagerly. “Oh, we need some for a—”

  I quickly turned to face him and glared at him. He grinned sheepishly. “Uh… for our vacation,” he said, in a slightly disappointed tone. “Oh, I’m Raidon, by the way.” He jerked his hand out. 

  Had to be friendly in everything, did he?

  “Nathaniel!” the boy said, shaking Raidon’s hand vigorously. “Nice to meet you! There’s a clothing shop just down the street that way; it has some awesome stuff!” He jerked his thumb back in the right direction. “I’d take you, but… I’m waiting on someone to pick me up.”

  “That’s fine. Thank you,” I said gruffly, dragging Raidon towards the direction in which the boy had pointed. I was rather glad that I didn’t have to be hassled with TWO Raidons.

  “Bye!” Raidon said cheerily, waving, as Nathaniel did the same.

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