Because We Were Different – Part 10

Wow, we’re already to part 10 guys! Well, I hope you all enjoy it! I may have a small surprise coming out shortly on here, so keep a good lookout for it! Thanks for reading! If you enjoy it, please like and comment! God bless! ~ C.G

Part 10

I sat stunned for a few minutes, as I comprehended it. I was numb as Raidon and I were told to enter the meeting room, where I was sure to find the man who’d done this all to me and my sister — Res Remington. 

The meeting room was large and spacious. A long, shiny oaken table filled the center of the room, and two chandeliers hung over it. It reminded me of a large dinner table. Heavy oaken chairs surrounded it; but one at the far end of the table had a red cushion. “Remington’s,” I muttered to myself. So, he saved all the good stuff for himself. Typical.

Raidon’s eyes of course drifted to the dishes of candy on the table. I was almost certain that those candies must have been at least four or five years old, but he dived for them. He had at least five in his hands when the back door opened, and Res Remington, in all his glory, came striding in. 

And then I noticed just how short he actually was. I guess I hadn’t seen him in almost five years, but — he could really use a few extra inches. I practically towered over him, and I still wasn’t full grown.

 As he sat down as if he were the king of the world, full of mock sass and dignity, it was all I could do to hold back my temper. I slowly and carefully chose my words, and out they came in a low, unnatural growl which didn’t sound anything like my regular voice. “Why did you brainwash my sister?!”

Remington laughed. He actually laughed at me. After he had done this all to me and my sister… he would dare to LAUGH at me?! I lost it. I slammed my fist down on the edge of the table, cursed at him and yelled, “Why?!”

He continued to laugh, and then I remembered my first meeting with him, and how hardly anything could faze him. He enjoyed seeing my temper — he liked to see me angry. I glanced over at Raidon, who was merely popping a candy into his mouth. Of course he was unfazed. He was used to my temper by now. I sat down hard in a chair not wanting to be mocked anymore, though my fists were clinched. 

  “Now now,” Remington said when he finally controlled his laughter. “I figured you might need a bit of — let’s see here…yes, motivation — in your mission. As you remember, my deal was only to keep her alive, and, when you complete your mission, free her. There were no terms concerning brainwashing, now was there?”

  I didn’t answer. I didn’t know how. He… he was right on this one. Why hadn’t I seen that before?! A tense silence fell over us then, as I glared at him. I’d been taken for the fool… but when I was finished, he’d find he was the worse one.

  Then Raidon had the brilliance to interrupt the tense silence with a question as he examined the candy. “Um, Mr. Remington, this candy — it’s kinda… well, old. Don’t you think you better change it? Your clients may not like it.”

  What type of clientele did he think Mr. Res Remington got on a daily basis? Schoolchildren? 

  “I’m afraid there is a shortage of candy at the moment,” Res said with a smirk. I knew he was lying, but I also knew that Raidon was as gullible as a child in some matters. Still, two could play that game. 

  “Yes there is,” I said, nodding. “But that’s only because Res Remington keeps all the best of everything for himself! I mean look at this place compared to the rest of the base!” 

  I could tell I’d struck a nerve. He grew a bit red, and cleared his throat. “Let us move onto the discussion at hand.”

  “No,” I said with a smug smirk. For once in my life, I was going to speak my mind. I didn’t know whether it was my anger at being taken as the fool, or the knowledge that my sister was brainwashed which made me so bold, but I was finally done putting up with his trash. 

  “Don’t you tell me no, Paine.” Remington’s eyes flashed dangerously. “Don’t you remember that I have both you and your—”

  “I will tell you what I want to say!” I said, raising my voice only slightly. “Your job happens to rest on whether or not I fulfill my mission, and you don’t have time to waste another five whole years on training another spy, now do you?” I knew by his paling face that I was correct in my conjunction. My life and Mai’s life may have depended on him, but his job depended on me, and I intended to use that knowledge to good use!

  Still, for the first time, he lost his temper. He slammed his hand down on the table and rose to his feet. “Enough!”

 Even though I knew I was the mouse and he the cat in this situation, I couldn’t help but think that even the mouse could taunt the cat a slight bit, couldn’t it? And so then I laughed — just as he had at me. 

  I think it was then he realized who he was actually dealing with — a boy trained to keep secret his feelings and true motives, with a fire in his heart to revenge his parents, sister, and himself — a boy named Ainslyn Paine. 

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