Because We Were Different – Part 8

Here is part 8 of my sci-fi serial story! Hope you all enjoy! God Bless! ~ C.G

Part 8

 The next day felt like it would never come, but as all things do, it finally it did. I tried not to show my excitement as I dressed and put on my pass. I’d play Mr. Remington’s game, and once I’d accomplished what I needed to accomplish, I’d sneak out. Today was the beginning of the end of my time in the Kachinoan Military Post.

   “Are you almost done, Raidon?!” I called impatiently, pounding on the bathroom door. Raidon took as long as a girl preparing for a date in the bathroom.  

   “Yeah,” the voice came from the bathroom where he was changing into his uniform. “Almost…done…!”

  I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands, my mind wandering to my sister. How was Mai? Was she well? Happy? I hoped so. 

  Raidon exited the bathroom. “Ta-da! Ready to go!” He bowed in a flourish, and I shook my head at his childishness. 

  “Let’s go.” I stood up, and we started down the hall. I fumbled with the special pass that hung from my neck, and then it suddenly occurred to me that Raidon wasn’t wearing his. Perhaps it was in his pocket? “Raidon… where is your pass?” 

 “Right here!” He stuffed his hands in his pockets, but then his face went blank. He looked up at me and grinned sheepishly. “Ummm, I — uh — I had it—”

  “Raidon!” I cried. “How could you have lost your special pass to see REMINGTON?! You can’t be serious! Please don’t be serious,” I begged, praying and hoping with all my heart that he was teasing… though if he was, I’d kill him. After the mission was over, of course.

  Still, that guilty look on his face was enough to convince me otherwise. “I might’ve left it in our room… I’ll be right back!” Raidon dashed back down the hall, and entered our room again. 

  I waited for a few minutes in the hallway, tapping my foot impatiently. I checked my watch constantly. We had fifteen minutes. I waited more. Our time went down to ten minutes. What took someone so long to find their pass?! Finally, at seven minutes till, I marched down the hall and entered our room. “Raidon!”

  I stopped short, for this was a side of Raidon I’d never seen. All of our desk drawers were out in a disorganized mess, and he was frantically searching through piles of what used to be my nice, neat paperwork. “I can’t find it Ainslyn! Someone must’ve taken it! Oh! Oh! What will The Boss say to my carelessness?!” He looked practically terrified, as if they’d kill him for losing his pass. 

Well… maybe they would. Still, even though Remington held a considerable power over me and Raidon, I still held a considerable power over him — I was the only spy capable of his mission. My marks were the highest, my mind the keenest — I had won just about every award in the entire academy. I could save Raidon… or at least I thought I probably could. 

  I sighed, shaking my head then. “Well, come along anyway, Raidon. Maybe they’ll let you in when I tell the secretary that you’re with me.”

 I knew that must have cheered Raidon up as he skipped along behind me. “Yeah! I hope Mai is the secretary today. I know she’ll let us in.”

  I almost stopped short when he said the name, causing him to nearly lose his balance. “M-Mai? Who’s she?”

  “Oh, she’s a girl who works as one of Mr. Remington’s secretaries. I’ve bumped into her a couple times,” Raidon said, sighing dreamily. “She’s a sweet little thing… I hope the Boss doesn’t hurt her.”

  “Do you know her name? Her full name, I mean.” Would I perhaps be able to see my sister again? Still… to get my hopes up…

  “Yep! It’s Mai Saki, and she likes singing, playing guitar, and not causing trouble.” He grinned. “Told me so herself!”

  I swallowed hard. That was my sister. It had to be.

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