Because We Were Different – Part 2

This is part two of my sci-fi serial story! If you enjoy it, please like and comment! I really appreciate it! God bless! ~ C.G

Part 2

My hand shook slightly as I held the pistol out. The door started to open. I shut my eyes and squeezed the trigger. The loud crack reverberated around the room, and my sister screamed. I opened my eyes to see the guard dead. 

I grabbed my sister’s hand. “C’mon!” 

  Loud alarms were going off, probably due to the cameras spotting what I had done. I could barely hear my own hurried footsteps as I shoved our heavy cell door open, and pulled my sister along. Red lights flashed around, and I heard over the intercom, “Occupants 342 and 189 have escaped. All units on alert.” 

   The voice over the intercom was so calm. I wished I was that calm so I could think of a way out of our cell block. What way was the way to the outside?! I had been blindfolded when I’d been brought in, but all I knew was that one way led to freedom, the other led to who the guards called The Boss

   “Where’re we going?” my little sister whimpered, gripping tighter to my hand. 

   “Don’t worry Kit-Kat, we’ll be fine. Just stay by me.” I pulled her along as I dashed to the left. I pushed open the heavy metal door with all my strength, and then saw with horror that there were at least twelve guards dashing down the hall at full speed. I jerked my sister away from the door and dashed towards the other one. 

   I only had to push that door open a bit to see what I dreaded. Twelve other guards were coming up that way. 

  If only I’d been quicker! If only I’d been smarter! I could’ve gotten us away!

  There was still one more way… I dashed to the small cell window and grabbed the bars on it, pulling myself up. Maybe there was a way I could squeeze my sister out between the bars! But as I looked out, my heart sunk. A huge ravine lie below, and it would be suicide to attempt any escape that way! 

  I slipped down and pulled my sister to me, looking her in the eyes. “No matter what, Kit-Kat, you must promise me you won’t forget me. They may try to hurt you, but you must promise me you won’t forget me, and that you won’t forget that I love you. I promise I’ll get you out of here someday.” 

  She started crying as the guards banged open the metal doors and dashed down the row to us. She clung to me but was torn away by a guard. I was grabbed by my collar and held up to the wall by a very tough looking guard with dark hair and eyes. “Occupant 342,” his voice was cold, making me shiver. “You shall regret this day.” 

  I only looked up at him with anger in my eyes. What could I say? I doubted I would regret it — the man I’d killed would be one less soldier to deal with when I again escaped. 

The guard holding me took something from another guard, while still holding me up to the wall with one of his monstrous hands. “I think it’s time for you to see The Boss.” 

  I struggled and tried to get away as I heard my sister crying and being dragged away, but the next thing I knew, a cloth was forced over my mouth. Chloroform! I tried to get away, but everything faded away… the guard, the cell block, my sister’s cries… everything went black.

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