Scripture for the Week

My apologies everyone for the lack of posts. With college and other things going on in my life, I’m afraid I pushed this to the back burner. But while I have a week off, I wanted to post at least once on my blog, so here it is!

This scripture post will be different than my last ones. I have been learning a new way of journaling on verses, and today’s will be one of those. You pick a verse, or just sit and ask God a question, still yourself, fix your eyes on Jesus, and tune into the spontaneous thoughts that hit you, then you write them down. The following is one I did a little while ago.

II Corinthians 10:5 NASB

“We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

“Lord, how do You want to apply this verse in my life?” 

You need to cast down every lofty thought, especially when it’s hard. Thoughts that make you miserable and full of turmoil — cast them on Me. I do not give thoughts that make you nervous or fear. When you feel rejected or unsure of what to do, come to Me for comfort, and look in My Word to see what else I have to say on the subject. It can be as simple as asking Me if you should listen to this or do that. Even good thoughts you are to take captive — every thought — must be taken captive. Because the devil can come as an angel of light, he can say things that sound and feel good. Always come to Me before you do things, even if others pressure you to do something — especially if others pressure you to do something. I will give you the release to do it if that is what I wish for you to do, and if not, stand strong in the faith and do not be afraid to do what I have told you.” 

This verse has always been one of my favorites, and it was very interesting to try this new approach to journaling on it. What are your thoughts on this verse? How do you journal? Let me know in the comments below!

God Bless! ~ C.G

3 thoughts on “Scripture for the Week

  1. I loved this scripture! And I am so glad to read another one of your posts! It always brightens my day, but I totally understand your busy schedule! I am also in college! lol 😉
    My thoughts on this verse are exactly what you said! We need to cast EVERY thought on Him, no matter whether it is good or bad! EVERY thought means EVERY thought, haha!
    I might have to try to journal like this, very interesting!
    It was great to have another post from you, hope to see you again! 😀

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    1. Thank you!
      Exactly! That is what we must do every day!
      If you do journal like that, you’ll have to let me know!
      Hope to see you again soon too!

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  2. Ok, so I wanted to edit my comment, but I don’t know how, so what I meant to say at the very end was “hope to see you again soon” not just “again” period! lol

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