Because We Were Different – Part 17

Hello everyone! Here I am with Part 17 of my sci-fi serial story, Because We Were Different! Thank you to all my readers and followers who have stuck with me through this, and hello to any of you newbies who might be reading a part for the first time! I hope you stay around! Please enjoy this next part! God bless! ~ Kay Leigh

Part 17

“What’s that? Your new toy?” I looked up from where I had been messing with some of the junk in the back of the ship to see Raidon peering down at my… experiment.

“It’s just a weapon I’m trying to make,” I said quickly, setting it aside. “Why aren’t you piloting?”

“Oh, Natalia said she’d do it, while I went back here to tell you we’re coming in on Shiarizi!” Raidon plopped down at my feet. “Say, this’ll be simple, right? We pretend to be tourists, catch the princess while she’s out, and befriend her. Right?”

“Yeah,” I said almost absently. That would be simple enough… but for the fact that the princess might be in hiding… and that she’d be a ton more hard to find that way. Honestly… I had no gameplay at all about how I would find her if she was in hiding. Remington had trained me to be a spy though… surely some of that training would become useful.

I snapped in one of the plastic wheels into the bottom of a shoe, and then turned it over, Raidon staring at me like I’d gone insane. “What are you doing with those old shoes you found in the trash pile?”

“I’m making wheelie shoes,” I said, taking off my own and replacing them with the old ones. They actually fit me, despite being old and worn. I pulled two cords up, one on either side of me, the ends of them having little red buttons. “These buttons, when pressed, should cause the wheels to pop out, and it’ll be like roller skating.”

“Ooh! Ooh! I want some! Can I have some? Pretty please?!” Raidon hopped up and down as I shook my head.

“These shoes won’t fit you, and I don’t have the time or the materials to make more. Maybe someday I’ll make you some,” I said as I stood to my feet. I lifted one foot up, then tapped that button, and the wheels came out. I then did the same with the other and smiled when it worked.

“We’re here. And… what are you doing?” Natalia came out then, and raised her brows when she saw me in what appeared to be roller skates. “Do you want to roller-skate around Shiarizi, Paine? I mean, it’s fine with me, if you want to look that childish.”

I scowled at her as I sat back down and took off the shoes. “Just get your red contacts on, Atticus, and shut your big mouth.”

As she laughed and walked away, Raidon sat down on the chair next to me and examined the shoes as I put on my regular ones. “What are you going to use these for, Ainslyn?”

My frown deepened as I stood up. “I don’t know,” I snapped then. “It’s about as useful as a smoke bomb, a sword you can just slide out and a door unlocker, none of which work!” I started away then to get my red contacts, grumbling the whole time. Would any of my inventions ever mean anything? Or were they all just silly, stupid things? Maybe Remington was right… maybe the world had all the things it needed, and inventors were just cluttering the world with unnecessary, useless objects. No — I couldn’t think that way! My dad had not been useless, and nor was I! I’d never let Remington get the better of me — and I’d never admit it, even if he did.

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