Short Story: Those With Wings (Prologue and Part 1)

Okey, this is going to be my new short story (or at least I hope it stays short) Those With Wings. It is told from the perspective of two boys, named Téras Trómos and Eilad Chári who just happen to each have wings, yet are opposite in every way imaginable. (Note: In order to keep things clear, I am putting the name of the character who’s narrating his or her scene in brackets above the part.) Hope you all enjoy!



He was so young… too young to be doomed. He was only a boy—sixteen. He was strong, but he was a child. But not any normal child. Oh, everyone loved him, but no one could see what I saw about him. He had wings—the purest white wings I’d ever seen to match with his pure white hair. They called him Eilad… what a poetic name. 

Ah, but no one could see the wings but me… no one could see the purpose for which this one was born—born to rule, to reign, and to destroy. I would not let him destroy me. Ah, no, never. For I too had wings. Wings of the darkest, blackest color imaginable. And I would destroy him before it was too late.


He was so young… too young to be so afraid. He was only a boy, sixteen. He acted content, but he was afraid. He wasn’t happy. Oh, everyone avoided him, and gave him the space and fear he desired, but no one could see what I saw about him. He had wings—the darkest, most powerful wings I’d ever seen to match his pitch black hair. They called him Téras… and he tried his best to live up to that name.

Ah, but no one could see his wings but me… no one could see the purpose for which he was born—born to conquer, to injure, and to unite. But I would not let him unite those against him. Ah, no, never. For I too had wings. Wings of the purest, whitest color imaginable. And I would save us all before it was too late. 

Part 1

Four Years Earlier


The first day of my second year of middle school… seriously, why did I, one of the last remaining Black-Wings have to go to school… especially with a White-Wing?

I crossed my arms over my books as I came in. Great. He was here already. I’d have to get here super early to maybe avoid the ‘teacher’s pet’. Ughhh why did everyone like him?! Eilad Chári was surrounded by kids… every kid imaginable. The popular kids, the dumb kids, and all the girls. He was the most popular kid in school, so it was no wonder they surrounded him. Honestly, I was not envious of him. He was always so caught up in ‘being popular’ that he totally failed half his classes. At least he was honest and didn’t cheat on his classes… at least as far as I knew. 

I went over to my corner in which I always stood, but found a large thirteen-year-old boy standing where I usually stood and watched the scenes unfold around me. I frowned and flapped my wings unsurely. I didn’t want to fight this guy… it would somehow be turned on me as it always was, and I’d end up in the principal’s office. That’s all I’d need — to end up in the principal’s office not even a whole day after school started. 

“Soooo… is Téras Trómos gonna stand here like a statue and watch everyone at every spare moment or study like a nerd again?” The kid put his hands on his hips as he loudly spoke to me. 

I knew this kid. He was James Hutchins, one of the kids who always hung around Eilad. “Stay out of my way, Hutchins.” I growled, but my wings got into attack position. Of course he couldn’t see them… but they still offered me much protection, and a good advantage. 

“Gonna try to make me?” He stood taller and puffed himself out, further mocking my small stature. But he underestimated that small, thin frame. My wings boosted me forward, and I was able to duck under his massive arms, and then using my wings as a pivot, I swung around and landed a powerful blow to his back, knocking him down. I already knew I would be blamed for it, anyway; why not land the first blow? I only hoped I made the right decision in choosing to fight him… 


I was talking with a few friends when he walked in. Téras Trómos, the kid with the most powerful wings I’d ever seen. My heart sunk when I saw him walk over to that corner again and James was standing there. “Don’t… James don’t bother him…” Téras may’ve been the loner of the school, but he was also the smartest kid in school, and the best fighter. Any fight he got into, he always came out on top… probably because he was a Black-Wing. They were always powerful. But man… why did James have to threaten him? I already knew Téras didn’t like me… and I didn’t like him… but I had a bad feeling no matter how much of a ‘teachers pet‘ I was, I would be paired with Téras to bring my grades up if I didn’t do well on my classes today… and besides the fact that I was a White-Wing, if he had any false suppositions that I put James up to attacking him, things would not go over well with us… we’d probably have to be babysat to make sure Téras wouldn’t tear me to shreds the moment we were alone.

Everyone gathered around Téras and James, watching the fight. Téras used his wings masterfully — I couldn’t help but wonder how his wings could take so much damage without being harmed. James, once he recovered from the blow Téras had first given him, rolled over and gave him a punch to the face with his fist. Téras was too quick. His wing blocked the blow, then he recoiled his legs back, and then kicked at James with all his might — and used his wings to push him back as well. 

Those wings were powerful. The force from them slammed James up against the wall, just as teachers and coaches came running, blowing whistles. “Break it up! Break it up!”

I stepped back, flapping my graceful white wings in friendly innocence as the teachers and coaches grabbed James and Téras apart. 

“What happened here?!” The coach who had Téras by his collar shook him hard.

Téras looked up at him with a dark, angry look in his solemn green eyes, but said nothing. 

“He punched me for no reason at all but to stand where I was standing!” James exclaimed.

Wasn’t Téras going to defend himself at all? I watched and waited for some sort of angry retort to be shot back at James, but nothing came. Only a death stare came from his eyes, as his wings folded back in resignation. I suppose even a Black-Wing knows when to stop fighting.

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