Flash Fiction: The Mission Ticket

Hey everyone! So as all Americans must be aware, Tuesday was Election Day! Tuesday also happens to be my day when I put out a new post. However, because of the election and some other crazy stuff that has happened, I was unable to get a post written for this week. So, I decided to reblog this old flash fiction story of mine, which I wrote back in November of 2020! So please enjoy, and I will try to get a new post out next week for you all! Thanks again! ~ Kay Leigh

Kay Adelin

Well everyone, I haven’t posted in awhile, and so I figured I’d share this old piece of flash fiction I wrote a long while ago. At one time, I considered writing it into a short story, but as of now, it is just going to remain flash fiction. Let me know in the comments below what you think! Enjoy!

The Mission Ticket

  Wilbert Rolyat sighed as he looked at his mittened hands, and then slid off his horse. The snow crunched under his feet as he landed lightly. “I have a decision to make, and by golly I’m going to make it!” He looked up at the old train station before him. 

  This train station wasn’t just any train station, which took passengers from one town to the next. This train station was forbidden to be used by orders of King Andrew Rolyat, Wilbert’s father, except under extreme…

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