A Couple Announcements and My December Read: Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues

Hey everyone! I'm back with my last book review of the year! This year seemed to just fly by, and I want to thank all you loyal readers for sticking with me. I hope to continue to bring you interesting and engaging content! I'm almost to fifty followers so I'm so grateful for you all … Continue reading A Couple Announcements and My December Read: Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues

Short Story #2

Hey everyone! So this is coming out really late, I know, but I was super busy today with shopping and other things, so I was unable to write up a post for this week! Now I wanted to write a Christmas story for my blog sometime this year, as I did last year, but so far I haven’t been able to get the time. Anyway, this is a short story I wrote last year for Christmas, which is one of my favorites, so I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for reading once again! ~Kay Leigh

Kay Adelin

Hey everyone! I’m back with my next short story! I can’t really call this one a “Christmas” story in the truest sense of the term, as it’s definitely nothing like the usual happy and cozy Christmas stories everyone’s used to. It’s more of a story with sacrifice, giving, and Christmas tied into it. Basically, the story is what I would call a dystopian-type “Christmas” story. Next week, I’ll have a more traditional Christmas story to share, so stay tuned!

Jesus said that the greatest love one could give is to lay down one’s life for a friend (John 15:13). That is why Jesus came as a baby on Christmas, to teach us His Word, and lay down His life for all of us, even while we were sinners (Rom 5:8). God gave us His greatest gift on Christmas, His Son Jesus, so that we might be saved.

The themes to…

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